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Tire Rotation: Understanding the Importance and Process of Rotating Your Tires

Many Downey drivers already know the importance of tire rotation and do it regularly to keep their tires in top condition. But if you are a new car owner, you may wonder, “What does it mean to rotate your tires? And how does it help your vehicle? In this guide, our Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT team will look at what tire rotation entails, why it is necessary, and the common ways you can rotate your tires.

What Is Tire Rotation?

Tire rotation simply means changing the position of your tires at regular intervals. During rotation, each tire will be moved to a different location, usually from front to back and vice-versa. Each auto manufacturer specifies when to rotate a tire in their owner’s manual. But generally, it’s recommended to rotate your tires every 5000 – 8000 miles or every six months, whichever comes first.

What Is Tire Rotation?

Why Rotate Your Tires?

Why Rotate Your Tires?

Tire rotation is one of the best things you can do for your vehicle. Below are some of the reasons to rotate your car’s tires periodically.

Even tire wear 

The front tires carry much of the vehicle’s weight and are more impacted during hard turns, so they wear out sooner than the rear tires. Rotating your tires will ensure even wear across all four tires, extending their lifespan.

Improved traction and handling 

All tires will have almost the same tread depth when they wear out evenly. This can ensure uniform traction and handling, making cornering easier and improving your safety on Downey roads.

Better fuel efficiency

When the tires are unevenly worn out, your vehicle will need to work extra hard to maintain traction, reducing fuel economy.

Cost savings

Tire rotation can also save you thousands of dollars. Rotating your tires will reduce stress and prevent a tire blowout, so you won’t have to spend on expensive replacements.

Which Tire Rotation Pattern Should I Use?

There are several ways to rotate the tires on your vehicle. The right one to choose will depend on your drivetrain, the type of tires, and whether your tires are the same size. Below are some common tire rotation patterns you can consider if you use non-directional tires (tires that can rotate in either direction) of uniform size:

Which Tire Rotation Pattern Should I Use?

Rearward cross

Rearward cross

This rotation pattern is recommended for those who own a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. The rear tires move straight to the front axle, while the front tires move to the opposite sides of the rear axle.

Forward cross

The forward cross pattern is suitable for front-wheel-drive vehicles. In this case, the front tires move to the back positions while the rear tires move to the opposite front positions.

Forward cross

X Pattern

The x-rotation pattern is ideal for four or all-wheel-drive vehicles. The rear tires are moved to the opposite front positions, while the front tires are switched to the opposite rear positions.

Get Tire Service in Downey, CA

Whether you need to have your tires rotated, checked, or repaired, you can always turn to our tire experts at Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT. The trusted mechanics at our service department have the right skills and tools to help keep your tires in excellent condition. Contact us or visit our car dealership in Downey today to schedule a service appointment.

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